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Air filters for the food industry

Air filters for the food industry

During the various processes in the food industry, it is important that the chance of contamination is as small as possible. This ensures the safety of the employees, but also of the end user.

Good air quality also affects the shelf life of the products produced. This way you can avoid unnecessary profit losses. Air quality does not only affect shelf life, but also production problems with packaging, an unpleasant working environment with a high energy bill and, finally, allergic reactions. To get the air quality as optimal as possible, it is important to install the right filters and to maintain the ventilation system properly.

Each sector and application has different requirements for air quality. Eurovent has incorporated this into a system in order to determine which air filter is recommended in which situation.

Depending on the space, an SUP category is recommended. The SUP categories run from 1 to 5, where 1 is an area that must meet high hygiene requirements, such as a hospital. The whole process of food production consists of different phases that are carried out in different types of rooms. A storage room has lower requirements than a food processing room.

Depending on the specific application, we can determine which filters are suitable. The lowest SUP category in the food industry is expected to be SUP 4 and the highest SUP category will be SUP 1. In SUP 4, the filter must have a at least the filter class of ePM10 50% and in SUP 1 this is already ePM1 70%. In addition, it is important to determine what the outside air quality is in order to achieve an optimal match. This table shows when which filter is recommended.

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