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Air filters for hospitals

Air filters for hospitals

Hospitals are places where people need to recover. For patients, the environment of the facility is very important for the course of their recovery. Good air quality is therefore very important.

People who are in the hospital are often weakened at the time, which makes them more prone to other diseases. In addition, sick people spread bacteria. It is very important that these bacteria spread as little as possible. Reducing fine dust is one of the solutions. A good ventilation system with high-quality filters certainly contributes to this.

In order to provide patients the care they deserve, a good working environment is also very important for the staff. The moment there is a good ventilation system and as few bacteria as possible are spread, the staff is less likely to become ill. Good air quality also allows staff to concentrate much better and reduces fatigue.

To ensure a certain air quality at important locations, Eurovent has drawn up various rules to be able to give advice on this. These rules deal with the air quality in a certain room. The specific space is classified in SUP 1 to 5. A hospital falls into the SUP 1 category. It is an application with a demand for high hygienic requirements. According to Eurovent, the supply filters in a hospital must have a minimum filter class ePM1 70%.

Depending on the outside air quality, it can now be determined which filter class is required for the hospital. The more polluted the outside air is, the higher the filter class must be to get clean air in the hospital. The outdoor air quality can be divided into ODA 1 to 3, also known as outdoor air quality. With ODA 1 being the best tier of outdoor air quality. The outside air quality can be measured using an air meter. This table shows which filter class the filter must at least have for each ODA level.

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