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Filter class EN 1822 H13
Filter medium Fiberglass
Frame Galvanized steel or aluminium
Customization Yes
Industries Hospitals, clean rooms and laboratories


TOPS Luchtfilters will gladly think along with you about the right product for your application. Therefore it is nice to find all the properties of the absolute filter hicap H13. In the specification overview you wil immediately see all the specifications of this product. It is also possible to download a data sheet of the absolute filter hicap H13. You can do this directly via the links below. The data sheets are available in Dutch and English. Would you like to find out more about the application or for instance the medium? Then read on below.

Download datasheet NL

Download datasheet EN

Learn more about the Absolute filter Hicap H13

The medium

The absolute filter has a fiberglass medium. This medium is known for capturing of more than 99,95% of the most penetrating dust particles (0.1 - 0.2 microns). TOPS supplies this filter with a galvanized steel frame as standard but it is also possible to produce the absolute filter with an aluminium frame. Customization is of course also possible. Curious about the possibilities? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The application

TOPS has been a supplier of air filters for over 40 years. The absolute filter hicap H13 is often used for various applications and widely used in hospitals, clean rooms and laboratories. Curious whether the absolute filter hicap H13 is also suitable for your application / industry? Please contact us.


TOPS is continuously developing its product range. As a result, TOPS has the absolute filter hicap galvanized steel H13 in stock in various standard dimensions. You can view the standard dimensions via the data sheet link. Looking for a custom made absolute filter? Anyting is possible! Please contact us.

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