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Activated carbon pellets

Harmful particles and gases can be a nuisance and dangerous. Not only for people, but also for equipment. Especially since these particles are invisible.

When for example you have an annoying smell in the office, when you have damage to certain equipment or when regulations require you to control harmful gasses, activated carbon granules can offer a solution.

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Size 1 - 4,8 mm.
Carbon blend Various and customised
Activated carbon pellets Various and customised
Oxidant filter medium Various and customised
Activated carbon material Wood, peat, coal and coconut shells
Material oxidant filtermedium Aluminium oxide impregnated with potassium permanganate


If you encounter one of the problems mentioned above, activated carbon pellets can certainly offer a solution. Because every business situation is different, the solution must be tailored to your situation. There are many variables, such as local conditions, type and extent of production, the sector, specific rooms or laws.

Because the solution is not standard, we work with you to find the ideal solution. For example, there are different types of activated carbon pellets, oxidant filter medium, but also mixes (blends) of different granules and oxidants together. Download the information sheet to see which type of grain can be used in which situation. Below we provide more information about activated carbon, oxidant filter media and blends.

Download information sheet Activated carbon pellets

Learn more about activated carbon pellets, oxidant filter medium and blends?

Activated carbon pellets

Activated carbon pellets come in many different shapes and sizes. It is a black material made from a combination of wood, peat, coal and coconut shells. Steam and/or chemicals are used to activate the activated carbon. This increases the adsorption force. If you want to filter and neutralise gases and harmful particles, activated carbon pellets are ideal for air filter systems.

Oxidant filter medium

Are you specifically looking for a solution to neutralise acid gases? Then the oxidant filter medium offers a good solution. This filter medium is made on the basis of aluminium oxide and is mixed with various binders. Finally, it is impregnated with potassium permanganate, which is a compound of potassium and manganese. This combination is extremely suitable for drawing the acid gases out of the air.


Do the standard activated carbon pellets or the oxidant filter medium not offer a solution? Then perhaps you need different types of activated carbon pellets for your specific situation. If this is the case, we can put together a special mix. We call this a blend. A blend can then provide an excellent solution to your specific situation. See the activated carbon pellets information sheet for more information.

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