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Filter class EN 779 M6
Filter class ISO 16890 ePM10 50%
Filter medium Synthetic
Frame Galvanized steel
Customization Yes
Industries Commerical, residential and public spaces


Are you curious about the specific properties of the wire frame filter synthetic ePM10 50%? View all product characteristics in a handy overview. If you have any specific questions about the wire frame filter synthetic galvanized steel ePM10 50%, you can always contact us. Below you will find several headings that provide additional information about, for example, the medium and the industries in which this wire frame filter is often used.

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Learn more about the Wire frame filter Synthetic ePM10 50%

The medium

The synthetic medium is a commonly used medium in wire frame filters. This wire frame filter is distinctive because it has the following unique characteristic: coarse dust particle filtration and well suited as pre-filter. The filter is supplied with a galvanized steel frame as standard. Curious about what our filters can do for you? Please feel free to contact us.

The application

The Wire frame filter synthetic is often used in commercial, residential and public spaces. Because the wire frame filter is a ePM10 50% filter, it is the ideal choice for various applications. With a wire frame filter synthetic galvanized steel ePM10 50% you are assured of the right filter. Want to know more? Please contact us.


TOPS Luchtfilters is the right partner for your air filters. TOPS has the wire frame filter synthetic galvanized steel ePM10 50% in stock. Curious about which dimensions TOPS has in stock as standard? Click on the data sheet link. Looking for a custom wire frame filter synthetic galvanized steel ePM10 50%? Please contact us.

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