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Thinking proactively is in our blood. That is necessary, because every situation is different. The right filter is the key to a healthy indoor climate. We are happy to help you with that.

Nico van den Boomen - Director

Specialist in air filters

TOPS Luchtfilters has been specialized in air filters for over 40 years. With this we serve both the business and the private market. Every day more than 20 people are ready to get the filters in the right place, to innovate and develop.

TOPS is not only a supplier of air filters, but also leader in industry and product knowledge! That is the way to optimum quality and fast deliveries. This means: solid products that save energy and comply with European air quality standards. In this way we can offer the right solution for every application. And we do, because we have collaborated with pleasure with installers and housing corporations for many years.

Because the core business of TOPS has been air filters for more than 40 years, TOPS is able to provide you with the best possible advice. Personal, unburdening and service are our core values. Proactive thinking is in our blood. And we have to, because every situation is different. The right filter is the key to a healthy indoor climate.

In addition, the cooperation between the Interduct companies is an important aspect of our expertise. As a result, TOPS not only has the knowledge of air filters, but also the specialisation in all different aspects of the ventilation sector. From the installation of ventilation systems to the service, maintenance and production of ventilation parts.

We are extremely satisfied with TOPS Luchtfilters as a supplier. TOPS is very strong in communication, supplies the best products, has short delivery times and the best price. In addition, TOPS is always open to a good conversation about points for improvement.

Maikel van Rooij - CSB Service

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