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Filter class EN 779 M5
Filter class ISO 16890 ePM10 55%
Filter medium Synthetic
Frame Galvanized steel, plastic or cardboard
Customization Yes
Industries Commercial, residential and public spaces


Creating an optimal indoor climate starts with transparency in specifications. Therefore TOPS Luchtfilters has put all specifications for the compact filter minipleat galvanized steel ePM10 55% in a convenient overview. In addition, you can easily download data sheets in Dutch and/or English. Would you like to know more about the medium or for which application the compact filter minipleat galvanized steel ePM10 55% is suitable? Then read all the information below. If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Learn more about the Compact filter Minipleat ePM10 55%

The medium

This minipleat compact filter has a galvanized steel frame. The compact filter has several unique properties. A large filter surface for a relatively compact filter is one of the unique properties. Curious about all the properties of the medium? Click on the link to view the data sheet. Naturally, we will be happy to answer all your questions in person.

The application

The compact filter minipleat galvanized steel is often used in commercial, residential and public spaces. Because the compact filter is a ePM10 55% filter, it is the ideal choice as supply and exhaust filter. With a compact filter minipleat galvanized steel ePM10 55% you are assured of the right filter. Want to know more? Please contact us.


TOPS has the compact filter minipleat galvanized steel ePM10 55% in stock in standard dimensions. Via the link you can view the data sheet, in which you will find all the standard dimensions. If the desired size is not listed, we can always produce this filter to size. Knowing more? Please contact us.

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