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The TOPS Filterbox

The rising gas prices make people look for alternatives to heating. One of the alternatives is burning wood, which is seen as a cheaper alternative.

With the increase in burning wood, more wood stove smoke is also being produced. If you have a ventilation system, the smoke of the stove can be sucked in. As a result, you may be bothered by the stove smoke from others in your home or office.

To create a safe and comfortable indoor climate, TOPS has come up with a solution. The TOPS Filterbox is able to filter the air on dust particles and to neutralise odours. That means you will not be bothered by unpleasant stove smoke from others!

A healthy indoor climate

Ventilating is often in the news lately. The most common way of ventilating is by opening windows and doors against each other. However, this is certainly not the ideal way because a ventilation system ensures a healthy indoor climate in the home or at work. A ventilation system filters the air for dust particles and retains the heat.

With today's buildings being so well insulated, ventilation systems have become even more important. The buildings are as good as airtight. To create a healthy indoor climate, ventilation is therefore necessary. When the building is situated in a polluted area, higher-quality filters are needed. The air has to be filtered more adequately to create a healthy indoor climate.

Ventilate sustainably by using your ventilation system.

The functioning of the TOPS Filterbox

We recommend connecting the TOPS Filterbox behind the HRV unit. In this way, the HRV unit first filters the air, and then it goes through the Filterbox, where the air gets filtered again for particulate matter and odours are neutralised. If you choose this option, then there are two different types of filters in the filterbox, which are a particulate matter filter and activated carbon cylinders for neutralising odours. The activated carbon cylinders ensure that you will not be bothered by stove smoke from others or from, for example, exhaust fumes.

In addition, you also have the option to install the TOPS Filterbox in front of the HRV unit. You will then need an additional filter stage in the shape of a coarse filter. In this way, coarse dust particles such as sand and hair are first filtered out of the air, then it will go through the particulate matter filters, and finally, through the activated carbon cylinders.

Connecting the TOPS Filterbox

When you already have an HRV unit, connecting the Filterbox is simple. You connect a flexible hose with the supply duct of the HRV unit. With the reducers, you can connect the flexible hose to any channel. Finally, you tighten the hose clamp to ensure that everything is securely connected. Besides, the flexible hose has a damping effect.

The low noise filterbox uses high-quality filters that ensure that the increase in energy is limited, and the resistance remains low.

The functioning of the TOPS Filterbox

Written by Stefan
Product Specialist bij TOPS Luchtfilters

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