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Air filters for offices

Air filters for Offices

Ensuring healthy air quality is an important step in promoting concentration and reducing absenteeism.

The majority of work done in an office is administrative. If there is a lot of fine dust in an office, people are more likely to experience symptoms such as respiratory complaints and headaches. Particulate matter in the office is also a well-known cause of allergic reactions.

Fine dust is mainly produced in an office by machines, such as printers and computers.  Places with a lot of traffic, such as industrial estates and motorways, also produce a lot of fine dust. If the office is located near these places, there is a high risk of large concentrations of fine dust.

To ensure that office workers can continue to work in good health, it is important to meet the minimum air quality requirements. This is not a hard requirement but an urgent advice.

At least the ISO ePM1 50% classification is recommended for offices. The quality of the outdoor air also plays a major role and therefore the minimum recommendation can rise to ISO ePM1 80%. TOPS offers a wide range of filters to meet this high classification. Please contact us for personal advice.

Eurovent has drawn up rules for advising on indoor air quality. The filters needed are determined by the room and the outdoor air quality. This is done on the basis of the ODA and SUP classes. The SUP class is fixed per room.

Office spaces fall into the SUP 2 class, because these are areas with permanent occupation, according to Eurovent. Next, the outdoor air quality is looked at and this differs per location and can be measured, for example, using an air meter.

When the outdoor air quality is in the ODA 2 class, at least a filter with ePM1 70% is needed. Click here for a handy overview of the recommended filter per ODA and SUP class.

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