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Air filters for Electronics production

Air filters for electronics production

In the production of electronics, the greatest danger is static charge. Fine dust prevention is therefore a must.

One way to protect electronic products is to use a clean room. This is an area with extra precautions to prevent the risks of static charge.

In order to create a completely static free working environment, certain requirements must be met. For example, the static charge must be diverted through the floors by means of special mats and clothing. The air quality must also meet high standards. Fine dust is harmful to the small components of the electronics and can form a static hazard.

In order to meet these strict air quality requirements within a clean room, filters with a minimum classification of ISO ePM1 70% or higher must be used. The percentage can go up to a minimum of 90% and is entirely based on the location of the production hall. For all classifications, TOPS offers different types of filters made of quality materials and complying with the European standard. Such as our high classification HEPA filters, compact filters and Nanowave bag filters.

Which filters should be used in your situation can be determined based on the guidelines of Eurovent. Different areas are subdivided into SUP 1 to SUP 5. Electronics fall under the so-called SUP 1. This table shows in which situation which filter is recommended based on the Eurovent guideline.

It is an industrial application with high hygienic requirements. Next, it is important to determine what the outdoor air quality is in your area. This can be ODA 1, ODA 2 or ODA 3. Based on this, the minimum quality of the filter is determined. The outdoor air quality can be measured using an air meter, among other things.

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