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Air filters for sports centers

Air filters for sports centers

Exercising in clean air is easier and more pleasant.

Running outside on a hot day can feel very oppressive. This seems to be due to the temperature and the sun, but it is actually because there is a lot of fine dust in the air. This feeling is of course not desirable in a sports centre and that is why it is also important to ensure good indoor air quality. A good ventilation system is therefore a must, because ventilation through windows and doors lets fine dust and exhaust gases into the indoor environment. The right quality filters and the timely replacement of the filters ensure an optimal indoor climate in a sports centre. In that case, almost no fine dust and exhaust gases enter the building.

To offer guidance in the choice of an air filter, Eurovent has developed a system that serves as advice. This system determines the minimum quality of the supply filter per type of room and the outside air quality. The different areas are subdivided into SUP 1 to SUP 5 and sports centres fall into SUP 2. The outdoor air quality can be divided into ODA 1 to ODA 3, where ODA 3 is an area with a lower air quality. ODA is an abbreviation for outdoor air quality. When it has been determined in which SUP and ODA class the specific sports centre falls, it can be determined which minimum quality the air filter must meet. For a sports centre this is at least an ePM1 50% filter, but this can increase based on the ODA class. Click here for a handy overview.

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