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Air filters in public spaces

Providing visitors with the ultimate experience is often the goal in a public space. The space should not be known as a place where people do not like to come because of the air quality.

In theatres, cinemas or the hospitality industry, it’s all about the experience. Good air quality contributes to this. In addition, good air quality ensures that visitors stay in the same room longer. In addition, the air quality in schools and childcare facilities is very important, because children’s development is central here. Not only in terms of knowledge, but also certainly when it comes to health.

Each space has its own requirements and different filters to match. For a number of public spaces, we have collected additional information. If you go to one of the rooms below, you can immediately see which filters are often used and how the choice for the filters came about.

Is your application not listed or do you want more information about one of the public areas? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are glad to help!

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