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Air Filters for Aviation

Air Filters for Aviation

In order to provide passengers with a pleasant journey, it is important to properly ventilate everything from airport to aircraft.

Aeroplanes themselves produce many emissions and large quantities of ultrafine dust. In fact, an aircraft produces so much ultrafine dust during take-off that it is equivalent to one million trucks.

To prevent passengers at the airport from developing complaints, it is important that the air, which is rich in fines dust, is filtered properly. What is also important is that the aircraft is constantly filtered during the flight. Special HEPA filters are always used in an aeroplane. During a flight, the entire cabin is supplied with clean air every three minutes.

Due to the high emissions of aeroplanes, high demands are placed on the quality of the indoor air. In contrast to other industries, HEPA filters are used almost exclusively in aviation. This means that the ISO 16890 standard is not used, but the EN1822 standard. This standard is exclusive to filters with an even higher efficiency. Want to know more about the possibilities? Then contact us!

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