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Air filters for childcare

Air filters for childcare

Research has shown that children are extra sensitive to air pollution. In order to provide optimal development, eliminating fine dust is very important.

Everyone wants to offer children a safe environment to grow up. Good air quality is very important in this respect, because children are extra sensitive to harmful dust particles. For example, the harmful dust particles can lead to poor development of the lungs.

Air pollution in day-care centres is caused by, among other things, exhaust fumes, but also by children coughing and sneezing. These bacteria are then spread by the fine dust that is present. Eliminating fine dust is therefore not only important to create a safe environment, but also to prevent bacteria from spreading.

According to Eurovent, childcare facilities are areas with permanent occupancy. Eurovent recommends filtering at least 50% of the ePM1 dust particles in these areas. Depending on the outside air quality, the minimum recommendation can be even higher.

Eurovent has developed a system to make the filter selection as transparent as possible. In this system, different areas are divided into different SUP classes. The childcare falls into the SUP 2 class. Next, the outdoor air quality is examined and based on this, a location is classified in ODA 1, ODA 2 or ODA 3. The outdoor air quality per location can be measured using an air meter.

This table shows which classification the filter must comply with per ODA category.

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