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Air filters for Schools

Air filters for Schools

Good performance of teachers and students comes, among other things, from concentration. Good air quality can promote concentration, but also productivity. It is therefore very important to create a good indoor climate.

Unfortunately, ventilation systems and air filters in the education sector do not always meet the requirements. This is of course a shame, because good indoor air quality makes working more pleasant for everyone.

In addition, it also improves performance. Regular maintenance of the ventilation system and the use of filters with the correct filter class means better indoor air quality For all educational institutions, at least filter class ePM1 50% is recommended. These filters are able to remove fine dust particles from the air.

The desired or recommended indoor air quality and the current outdoor air quality determine the minimum filter class of the filter. Eurovent has developed a system in which different areas are divided into five different SUP classes. According to this system, educational institutions fall into SUP class 2. According to Eurovent, these are areas with permanent occupation. There is one higher SUP class, but this is for, among others, hospitals with very strict requirements.

Once the SUP class is known, it is important to look at the outdoor air quality in the region. Depending on the outdoor air quality, the area is classified as ODA 1, 2 or 3. ODA stands for outdoor air quality. The outside air quality can be determined using an air meter. This table shows the recommended air filter per ODA class.

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