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Air filters for Shopping centres

Air filters for Shopping centres

In a shopping centre it can be very busy. Therefore, good filters are important in order to provide visitors with a pleasant experience.

Due to the many visitors in an indoor shopping mall, air circulation is very important. Polluted air must be removed quickly and there must be a continuous supply of clean fresh air. As a result, visitors will not be fatigued by poor air quality. Eurovent recommends that the air filters in a shopping centre have at least an ePM2.5 50% classification. Depending on the outside air quality, the minimum classification can be even higher. TOPS Luchtfilters is able to supply the required filters with the correct classification for shopping centres.

Determining the correct classification was still quite difficult in the past. That is why Eurovent has developed a system in which the minimum classification can be determined easily. Different areas are divided into SUP classes. The SUP classes run from SUP 1 to SUP 5. A shopping centre is an area with temporary occupation and therefore falls into SUP 3. In SUP 1, the filters must meet a higher quality requirement than filters in SUP 3.

In addition, it is important to determine the outdoor air quality. This varies by region. In places next to a motorway, the air quality can be very poor due to exhaust gases. Therefor the shopping centre is classified into ODA 1, 2 or 3 based on its location. ODA stands for outdoor air quality. The outside air quality can be measured using an air meter. This table shows which filter is required in which ODA class.

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